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15 things 2011 taught me:

  1. Seventeen days after New Year, I lost my Mom - sure, the whole thing was a painful traumatic phase and I had to face the freaking flashbacks everyday but the Lord has been very gracious and His unconditional love comforted me all throughout the tragedy and now, things are better than how they used to be eleven months ago. God’s promises are legit: His strength = my strength. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Philippians 4:13
  2. My Mom’s death will forever be in my memory and it will forever be painful. I will never get over it but rather, I will and I have to get used to it. #iactuallygotthewholethingstraightbecauseoftheOC
  3. The only one I could really rely on in times of trouble, anger, depression, despair and weariness, is God. Yes, people will be there to comfort you and temporarily distract you from your problems but they can never fill the void in your heart that no matter how much you try to find something/something to fill it, it never goes full. It’s because it’s only God who can fill that place in your heart. #awesome
  4. I should love unconditionally, just like what Jesus did. No matter how many times people try to bring you down, destroy+play with your reputation, make you look stupid+dumb and all the other things that can happen, I should love unconditionally. Yes, it’s very selfless but that’s what Jesus did. Doing something for someone and not waiting for them to make it up to you or forgiving someone who has hurt you even if they hadn’t said (or has no plans of saying) their apologies yet. 
  5. 2011 taught me to be open-minded about a lot of things. I’m in college and I’m surrounded by different people with different issues and insecurities. They have sex, they do drugs/smoke and they drink alcohol - I’m not saying it’s normal but that’s life. I can’t pull a seminar on vices just to make them stop, I know that but I learned how to accept everybody’s difference
  6. Be nice to everyone but choose to be surrounded by the right people. A lot of people are there in the awesome and fun times but there will only be a few who will stand by you when you’re a downpour. 2011 made me realize that my Christian friends are better than the others, no, not that I’m saying the others suck, but my Christian friends are always there even if we minus the good times, they’re there and they stick around. 
  7. The summer of 2011 changed everything. Revivals during camp, super-on-fire feelings for our ministries, palm-sweating testimonies we did in front of the whole congregation, new friendships and old friendships strengthened, new talents discovered and old talents renewed. A revival, that’s what we all needed. Summer 2011 is, by far, the best summer I’ve had. "Be the change you want to be." Yes, truly.
  8. Trust the people you love the most.  
  9. "People hurt you, and lie to you, and take you for granted, and treat you badly, but eventually you will learn to forgive, you learn to forgive because it is the only way you can move forward." -Every Girl’s Guide to Boys || But the boy who hurt/lied/took me for granted/treated me badly isn’t a boy - but a man and well, I already forgave him for all the bad stuff he gave us. Yeah, I’m referring to my father. 
  10. Expect the worst from people but the expect the best from God. 
  11. Nothing/nobody in this world is perfect. Everybody will have their own faults and everybody will have the pride not to admit those faults but I learned that I should always take the initiative to make things better. “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” -Matthew 5:9♥
  12. No matter how dominant the bad things are, always make the good things matter. Most of the time, the good (and little) things won’t make sense when the bad things attack but those will serve as the things that you will hold on to - and to remind you that you have to love the person whether good or bad, you have to accept them as they are.
  13. Note to self: If you’re in an unfamiliar place, let’s say a foreign country and it’s your first time to visit - take as many photographs as you can. You’ll never know when you could go back. And yes, I regret not taking a thousand photos in Hong Kong. 
  14. Never ever quit on something that you truly love just because some person tells you that your stuff isn’t good enough. #work
  15. Life is not fair but nevertheless, it still is beautiful. You lose the people you love to make room for new ones. As I always say, God has better plans - they may not be clear now but in time, they will be. We may ask and He may not give it or answer it yet. We may doubt the things we used to strongly believe in but in the end, He will always provide a way back to Him, His most comforting embrace and His unfailing and never ending love. And I quote my life verse from Micah 7:7♥, “But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior, my God will hear me.” 
  1. reese23 said: Well said, sweety… - carise
  2. hazelpalencia said: Hehe, yes, please do regret for not taking photos of HK, also for not meeting up with me! *Sad* But I hope you know that a lot of people are proud of you for getting through everything you went through. You are very blessed, dear! <3
  3. puiyannn said: This is amazing life process that you’ve gone through (: I enjoyed reading it! I’m glad that you’ve learned so much in your life (:
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